Weird mouse behavior on some games only

Hi there ppl, I really need some hel with this issue.

My mouse is having a strange behavior lately. In some games like BC2, FC2 and Assassin's Creed2 the mouse is making gaming impossible. I will try to explain its behavior as best as I can. when I move the mouse left and right repeatedly (let's say 8 times to both sides, switching really fast) after I stop doing the movements, the ingame cursor/aimpoint/screen, keeps moving for 2 or 3 more seconds. In some cases up to 4 seconds. What is strange is that in games like CSS and DODS the mouse performs flawlessly. After having this issue on 2 2 year old mouse, I just tried my brand new Razer Orochi. The problem persists and the mouse only performs as stated regarding the games Counter-Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source.
On BC2/FC2 and Assassin's Creed2 it's almost impossible to turn, no matter any changes I perform on the mouse's sensitivity (both game engine or mouse itself). Other than that, the mouse works as supposed regarding everything else. This issue came up after a few days without playing any game. Suddenly, out of nowhere it started with this behavior. Once again, most times, on those "messed up games" the mouse does not stop when I stop, only a few seconds later. Walking inside huts and barracks while playing Bad Company 2 is impossible as the game seems to take forever to perform a closed turn. It does not stop when I do, either pointing up/down or moving left right, the feeling is almost like being drunk. I would highly appreciate any help and I would like to thank in advance to any kind soul. This issue is making me lose all my will to play games, unfortunately.
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  1. Sounds like you might be trying to play with your video settings set a little too high.

    What are your full system specs?
  2. I am so sorry, my system specs are:

    i7 920 Do @ 2.67
    Asus P6T Deluxe V2
    2048 x 3 G.Skill DDR3 1600 CL8
    BFG GTX 275 OC
    Corsair TX850
    X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty champion
    Vista Home Premium 64
    20" Samsung SyncMaster (1680x1050 native)

    BTW, I'm having hardware interrupts? and when I go to device manager, under the mouse controller it's showing Microsoft 2006 controller and not Razer controller. Is this right?

    Thank you.
  3. UPDATE - Issue not happening with an old wireless mouse. Old but accurate, does not show the same behavior as the one that broke and the new one, the Orochi. Unfortunately, the mouse response time makes it useless.
  4. Can you try the mouse on another computer ??
  5. I already did, works flawlessly. It's only on my PC.
  6. You didn't say if you installed the Razer drivers or not.
    If you did uninstall the driver suite.
    In my gaming experience with a logitech Mx-518 and a Deathadder 3500 i never install the manufacturers software.Always causes problems at some point.
    Just use the microsoft driver and you'll still have the dpi acceleration of your mouse.
    This has always worked for me.
  7. Once again, I missed some details. Yes, I installed the mouse driver downloaded from Razer. I just installed it because of the DPI settings on-the-fly. anyway, regardless installing the drivers or not on device manager will still show the Microsoft controller for Compatible HID Mouse. Am I missing something here? Thanks.
  8. IRQs???? I have an 8 year old wireless keyboard connected via dongle (showing under unknown devices in task manager)m, the wireless mouse that performs perfectly is the one belonging to this dongle. Can this have anything to do with the Razer Orochi lag problem???? Thank you in advance.
  9. No replies, I guess everyone has ran out of ideas!!!!
  10. Ok, mouse works great on:

    CSS and all Valve games
    Call of Duty World at war
    Red Faction Guerrilla

    starts lagging on:

    Assassin's 2
    Far Cry2
    Aliens vs Predator

    Totally random......mmmm maybe a fresh install will solve this issue.
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