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I have never overclocked a system, so my understanding is from a few threads I have read here.

I have a few questions

1) Can an overclocked system run stable?

2) Without using huge setups (like water cooling pictures I sow in one thread) what parts do I need to get in addition (or different) for the system. I understand that I need something like asus extreme board for example... and if is lga 1155 , the 3770K will help too...

3) How much money do I need to overclocked a system to get a better performance while running stable and cool. 300 is enough?

4) For example, if I overclocked an lga 1155 with 3770K and a great asus board... can it reach the performance of lga 2011 3930K ?
For example, the 3770K can be purchased around 300 and the 3930K around 600 plus the mb is a bit more expensive in comparison...

thank you
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    1: yes
    2: have you already got hardware or do you need a whole system? You don't need an extreme setup to overclock
    3: 300? What hardware have you got already? Whats the pc for?
    4: the answer to that is no, I don't know off the top of my head the benchmarks but even if a 3770k overclocked reaches a 3930k at stock you would still have overclocked your 3930k to be better so there isn't a comparison
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  3. thanks...
    I meant 300 for additional cooling stuff... not the PC. THANKS!
  4. You can overclock a 3570k to 4.5GHz only with a $30 cooler. :D
    blues76 said:
    I meant 300 for additional cooling stuff... not the PC. THANKS!
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