Would upgrading an 8600 GTS to HD4650 worth it?

I'm looking for video card upgrade options. I have an XPS 410 with a 8600 GTS. In a perfect world, I'd be trying to put together a new system. Unfortunately, my world isn't quite so perfect at the moment so I'm trying to add a new card to extend the life of my present system.

Newegg has a deal right now for a HD 4650 and I'm curious what sort of improvement I could see if I purchased it.

Additional info:
My present power supply is a 375 watt stock PSU that came with the system.
New monitor will be running at 1920 x 1080
I do game on this system but it isn't anything super intensive.
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  1. the 4650 is better than the 8600 GTS, but if you are not experiencing any issues with Frames-per-second or Video quality, then there is no need to get the 4650. If you do want a little more video quality and are in need of more video horsepower, then go for it if its a good deal.
  2. The 375w is a solid PSU and peaks at over 400w. You have enough amps on the 12v to run any of the cards below, in fact Dell offered the 4850 with your PSU.

    get a 9800GT for around $80 - budget

    ATI 4850 for around $100 - better

    or ATI 5750 for around $140 - best

    if you are really strapped for cash get a ATI 4670 or Nvidia 9600 GSO but I would go with one of the three above. All the cards mentioned above will give you a far better experience then the 8600GTS or 4650.
  3. I think an "upgrade" to a HD 4650 is not really worth it. It's better to save up some more money and buy either a HD 4770 or HD 5750 for your proposed 1920 x 1080 monitor.
  4. an upgrade is pending though, that 8600 is sure to fail on you sooner or later.
    I had 3 of them fail on me already, but this old radeon 9800 that is 8 years old and OCed is still running strong. Ati cards for these last couple generations of cards are far superior, their software is seriously lacking however.
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