Please tell me which one of these motherboards would be an ideal build for my computer.

Asrock 870 Extreme3


MSI Nforce 750a
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  1. It's kind of an impossible question not knowing what else ya wanna put in it and conflicts with the title .
  2. I can tell you that the real staff here has said things like (paraphrasing) "I've been trying to find nice things to say about AMD/nVidia mobos. Every time I get close, something happens."

    So of those two choices, I'd stay with the AsRock.
  3. so ATI huh, then which of these would you suggest for crossfire:

    ASUS M4A79XTD EVO or ASRock 870 EXTREME3
  4. No difference in crosffire; the Asrock has more features for the same price . . . which makes sense because Asrock is Asus' "value" line.
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