Toilet picked die

so my 965 goes unstable at anything under 1.315v with 3.4ghz

nice toilet picked die? i have seen pople get 1.24v stable at 3.4ghz...
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  1. So it needs. 1.315v to run, I'm not seeing a problem here?
    Your sig says you've downclocked it as well, what information have you left out of your post that may be pertinent to the 'problem'?
  2. why do i need 1.315v to run stock speed when people run stock speed at 1.24v

    and i need 1.28v for 3.2ghz wow
  3. Underclocking, like overclocking, is system by system dependent. Unless every single component is identical between 2 systems, you really can't directly compare them for this sort of effort. You can get a general idea of what might be possible, but mileage will vary (so to speak).

    Just something to keep in mind.

    So, timil, why not just run at the stock voltage and simply lower your other variables?
  4. because the stock fan is a jet engine and until i get a 212 i need to lower the voltage
  5. A properly working stock heatsink/fan shouldn't be too loud. Are the fan blades free of dust/hairballs?

    Also, how is the cooling situation for the rest of your system (case fans, airflow in general, etc.)?
  6. I wouldn't put too much faith in random people on the internet claiming to run certain speeds/voltages. Most don't test for stability, or use an app to clock their CPUs from within the os. They often take a screenshot and run 1 or 2 benchmarks as "proof" their system is stable before it crashes.
  7. And as was said your cooling solution is messed up. Either your temps are high causing it(unlikely but if you installed it wrong, have bad case cooling, or its 100 degrees in your house), or the fan is just set to 100%
  8. **because the stock fan is a jet engine and until i get a 212 i need to lower the voltage **
    Thats what was missing from the original post, :)
    You want to underclock/undervolt to reduce heat thereby reducing the need for the stock fan to remove heat,
    I'm sorry but you are going to have to stick your headphones on and live with things until you get your new cooler, or go through the long process of finding your stable settings for an underclock, another option may be throttling it in your bios, do you have a menu for setting the throttling %?
    You could set that to throttle sooner and that will keep the volts/heat down until your 212 gets here
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