BIOS Possibly messed up

Hello, I have a Z77A-G45 mobo. When I got it, the mobo was on bios version 2.4, I have tried OC Genie with it and everything ran fine, the cpu clock speeds increased. Just yesterday I updated to 2.8 by loading the 2.8 off of MSI's website onto a flash drive and using m-flash to flash it. Everything seemed to go fine until today. I tried to change the settings back to OC genie but when I click the OC Genie botton inside the BIOS, nothing happens. Same with the eco button. For some reason, it doesn't let me change the mode out of standard mode. I have also noticed that on the Overclock panel in the BIOS, the mouse seems to flicker and lag a bit. I am not sure if this is a bug or because it has a bunch of info it is trying to update. Anyways, does anyone have any idea what would cause this? It is worrying me :(
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  1. Anyone have any idea? :(
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