Benefits of dual 5970 vs a single


are there any benefits to using dual 5970 on 3 lcd's vs a single?
ati tells me depends on the game, but they also said that with a dual card config, its a LOT OF POWER and to use TWO 5970's I would need atleast 3 monitors..
I just got one as a gift from my brother in law ..and am thinking if I should go dual..

Id like to get the best video performance I can..

also is there any noticeable gaming performance when comparing 1066 with 1600 ddr3 ram ?
I just upgraded to 1600 12 gigs worth..
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  1. Benefits of two 5970s?

    -More Bragging rights
    -Bigger ePeen
    -Running CoD4 at 500 fps instead of 300 fps
    -I hear chicks dig the dual 5970s

    On a more serious note, you will see minimal FPS gains by going from 1066mhz to 1600mhz RAM. Depends on the game too. TH has a benchmark review on the diff types/speeds of RAM. Just dont expect a huge gain in performance.,2482-8.html

    As you can see, minimal gains (1-2 FPS), and in some cases the lower speed, lower latency RAM beats out the 1600mhz memory.
  2. Anyway Id dose indeed depend on which games you play (crysis will undoubtedly need two 5970s on a 3 monitor eyefinity setup) As will as it depends on the resolution of your 3 screens vs one.

    A single 5970 would be fine for three 1920x1080, and one 2560x1600 monitor(s). Adding a second 5970 would give you more performance for a high cost as crossfire scaling will eat up your FPS in games that need it.
    While dual 5970s would be better for three 2560x1600 monitors. Conversely having only a single 5970 with this setup would give you unplayable frame rates.

    Brett covers the difference in 1066 vs 1600 ram well.
  3. gaming at eyefinity resolutions would definitely see much better framerates with a second 5970, but a single 5970 should still ofer playable framerates.

    so yes, there would be a benefit. weather the benefit is noticable will dpend largely on the game you play and the system. if you have the 5970, you could always try it out, and if you think that its superfluous, just sell it on.

    and lol@bretts displaypic. benny lava makes me lol.
  4. Depends on the resolution, 3 x 1920*1200 would be the minimum to see a big boost.
    If you do then you can probably enable full AA & AF with the 2 5970's.
    Anything bigger than 3 x 1920*1200 would see a big boost.
  5. Contrary to what ATI says, Eyefinity does NOT support dual 5970s WELL. ie, CRYSIS will not run, Dirt 2 will give you ~12-20 FPS. Other applications just wont load without crashing or giving you a slideshow.

    Maybe its just my rig?lol

    If you do, you will be MIGHTY disappointed. ATM, for Eyefinity, you will get better frame rates just using a SINGLE 5970.

    BTW, havent you posted multiple posts asking the same/similar questions?
  6. And i reply the same thing for the 4th time. SINGLE IS FINE
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