Is my HDD failing?

I was looking at my HD Tune Pro and it started giving me these warnings.

Reallocated Sector Count Current: 199 Worst:199 Threshold: 140 Data:15
Reallocated Event Count Current: 187 Worst:187 Threshold:0 Data:13
Current Pending Sector Current: 200 Worst:200 Threshold:0 Data:1
Ultra DMA CRC Error Count Current:200 Worst 253 Threshold:0 Data:53

Do I need a new HDD?

It really needs replacing only gets about 20MB/s Read and write, but i wanted to now if this HDD is failing.
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  1. Anybody?
  2. These figures don't mean much to me, but I would say when it comes to a hard drive. If you are only getting not evening half the read and write speed you should (mind you you'll never get the full speed of the drive since its nearly impossible to do so) replace the drive for peace of mind. Also don't be so impatient about answers you need to give more than 10 minutes for people to answer on these forums. Relax
  3. So what exactly do these figures mean? I know you said they do not mean much, but just for future reference. Could it mean my Files and stuff will be slowly dissapearing?
  4. Bump.
  5. Search "Seatools" in google.

    Download and run the sofware, it will tell you if theres actually anything wrong with the drive with simple "pass" or "fail" headings
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