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Hello,I got this problem before "CHECKSUM error, defaults loaded" appearing evrytime i boot my Windows XP. OTHER SYMPTOMS: the clock is always go on reset and I need to manually change it every now and then. So, as advised here, in this forum, I changed my battery (Lithium 2032, 3v) with new one.

BUT......the problem persists...i can still see that error message during boot...what do you think is the problem?? I noticed that this problems only occured after many updates of this window... PLEASE HELP ME!! =(
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  1. open Command Prompt [start->run->cmd]
    and type: sfc /scannow

    post result. or take a screenshot
  2. It still sounds like a battery error to me. Have you reset the BIOS since the battery change? what board is it? any other problems?
  3. Be sure that you have the battery well installed. Maybe it is not correctly set in the socket. There must be contact between the battery and the metal parts of the socket.

  4. yes be sure you did not install the battery upside down and the the Cmos 'Reset' jumper is in the non-reset state.
  5. But how to reset my Bios??? I dont know how??

    What I did actually is after replacing the battery (place it in its socket at the motherboard) than I just reboot it and actually did nothing after i have to reset the BIOS?? Is it safe for my data??? Will it erase all my data stored in the hard drive???

    Thanks thou for your relply... :)
  6. and about the command says that I need to Insert the Windows OS CD...
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