Time for a new computer, or clever to wait?

Two years ago I sold my computer, and got rid of my big passion - did this to get a life, and forget about WoW :-) ...
Now i'm matured and want to buy a new computer.
The question is: Is it the time now, or is it clever to wait a little? I see loads of news, and loads of new technologies, like SSD getting more and more profitable, and new AMD cpu's incomming..
What are peoples thoughts: Will there soon be a breakthrough here? :)
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  1. There will always be something bigger and better just off in the horizon. Deciding to buy/build now comes down to what you want. If you're worried about SSD prices, wait to buy the SSD, and build with just a regular HDD. As far as CPUs go, the intel socket 1366 is the future, right now, so I'd take that route.
  2. i feel it will be good if wait for the AMD bulldozer for the next year.
    i feel it will make a huge leap.
    the RAM prices are high for both DDR2 and DDR3.
    for the SSD they should become more affordable .
    for me i will wait.
    dont forget GPU price war will come soon
    fermi and ATI will have a new stuff too
  3. If you want to buy in the next few months I think you'll be safe, I'm looking to buy a new PC in April and so far I don't think there's anything big out there coming so fast that would cut costs big time. The only component I have no clue about is the GFX card - any idea when the next gen cards will be out?
  4. Fermi will be announce in 26th
    but you may need a couple of month to buy one
    in that time Ati will be close to announce its next hd 6xxx series
  5. If you the type eyeing the bleeding edge of technology it seems now is always a bad time to rig up but if u just buy as per your needs it's really down to working out a budget that works for you really
  6. Usually I have the same opinion as you guys: That it's stupid to wait, since there always will be better, faster and stronger tomorrow!

    But in this case I just got this feeling - you almost see new SSD's on a daily basic, and so on. So I just wanted you guys honest opinion: Are there something big comming?
    Thanks for the replies so far! Guess i'll wait, since new CPU's and GPU's are comming in a near future - and as chechnyan says, there will probably be a price war :-)
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