First watercooling kit?

Hello. I have an fx 8320 OC'd to 4.2 ghz @ 1.475 v. It's being cooled with a coolermaster hyper 212 Evo with push/pull fans. So far I am seeing temps of 58c while gaming and if I'm running prime95 they shoot up to 68c. I wanted to try and push this baby even farther to see what I could get and was thinking about watercooling, maybe a corsair h 80i since I only have 1 120mm fan out. Is it difficult to install and is it worth the near 100 bucks they want for it? Thanks.
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  1. Not worth it over the cooler you already have, check the Watercooling sticky for a section on Aio coolers like the H50 etc,
    you'd waste your money by going from a good aircooler to that one basically
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