How to play my xbox 360 on my computer using the RCA cables

Okay. I have been googling for an hour and everything is about how to do it without a RCA port. I am completely lost. I have a VGC-VA10G and it has a built in RCA port on the side and is running XP. I am trying to hook it up with my Xbox 360 S. My problem is that I have no idea how to VIEW the 360. I don't know what program to open, keys to press, files to create. Nothing. And I can find jack about it on the web. Please help, you guys are my only hope left!
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  1. Do you have an RCA cable set for your XBox 360S ?
    Plug in the XBox to the RCA INPUT (if you have it), it should say a name on it like Input 1 or External 1.
    Monitors usually have a menu accessible by menu buttons on it. Since this is a Sony product, that may vary. But you want to find out how to change the input channels of your monitor if possible at all.
  2. After reviewing the manual to your VAIO it appears you need to use the S-Video input on the side of the monitor to connect the Xbox. See the manual page 44.
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