Understanding micro-stuttering

I am trying to understand what is micro-stuttering? I have a new HD 7950. The games I've been playing has consistent 60 fps. However, when it comes to loading new areas, auto-saving, or moving the camera around too fast in large, open areas (Arkham city), the frame-rate would drop by about 5 or 6, sometimes to even low 50's, then back to 60 again. Is this micro-stuttering or that is normal?

When I move the camera around, there is a slight stutter, but only happens one time when a new area is loaded. I am guessing these are just stutter when the game is loading new area / ojects? Or should I expect smooth frame-rate all around since HD 7950 is a pretty powerful card?
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  1. Try disabling mouse acceleration, it can cause stuttering on mouse movement.
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