GIGABYTE +x6 1055t

Hi guys i brought a new
Phenom II X6 SixCore 1055T 2.8 9mb cache Boxed Socket AM3 - 125w
today and i updated my bios to F8C
my motherboard is GA-MA790XT-UD4P
now i know the bios is in (BETA)

but im not sure if this is normal or not
even when i disable or enable cool & quiet or turbo core technology it doesn't seem to stop the cpu frequency and cpu core voltage bouncy about up and down i figured disabling it would fix it but it still acts like Q&Q is enable when it is disabled

also when i over clock the cpu it doesn't even take affect in the os (EG i push it to 4ghz and 1.5v and in the os it shows 2.8-3.2ghz but never 4ghz or 1.5v
is this all because of beta bios if do does any one know ETA for non beta? :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. Where are you checking the cpu clockspeed & the core voltage? via CPU-Z?
  2. cpu-z ,amd over drive also bios and other utilizes also in my computer properties ,im just wondering if the new bios will fix it (when it comes along)
  3. Maybe. Does the old BIOS before the upgrade support the X6 and was C&Q working in that BIOS version?
  4. pretty sure it does not support the new cpu i will check and yes C & Q was working
  5. I see. In this case, a little patience will help in waiting for the official BIOS for the X6 support. I'm just surprised that Gigabyte is taking that long to release the X6 support for a 790 motherboard. My MSI 790FX got official BIOS to support X6 even ahead of the X6 release.
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