New catalyst drivers limited my overclock?

so i was running catalyst 12.1 (i think, non beta) on my HD7850 and was overclocked to 1190MHZ core and 5600MHZ memory through ASUS GPU tweak, with complete stability tested through furmark, heaven, and hours of planetside 2, then, about ten minutes ago i updated to the new 13.1 drivers which have limited my core to 1050MHZ and my memory to 5800MHZ even with "overclocking range enhancement selected on GPU tweak, i updated all included updates except CCC which i was planning on removing anyway, should i go to the 12.11 beta drivers? or am i missing something?
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    i fixed it, just needed a restart and refresh and a bit of clicking in GPU tweak
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    That limit was put in a long long time ago. 12.5 or 12.6 I think. You should not have still been on 12.1 and you should definitely not go back as their drivers are much, much improved with huge performance gains. You should absolutely update CCC too and there is no reason to remove it. You need it if you expect things to work right.

    Uninstall gpu tweak and install a newer version that still allows the overclocking range enhancement. enabling it should undo the lock. I think my version is 2.25 but I am fuzzy on that. They took it out at one point, i think because of windows 8, and I'm not sure if they put it back on the newest version or not.

    In any case you'd get more out of the driver than you did out of your overclock so the correct thing to do is ALWAYS keep your drivers up to date and google how to undo the overclock lock.
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  4. Thankyou, i managed to get GPU tweak to work though, for some reason it just wouldnt go above 1050, it does now though
    i have heard that CCC messes with GPU tweak and other OCing programs?
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