Is DH55HC mobo adequate for i7 870 CPU?

Hello, the store building my new system is suggesting the DH55HC motherboard for my i7 870 CPU. I was surprised they didn't go with the DP55KG with seems to be standard with the i7 870.
I do not overclock (which is why I don't need the 875) and I don't game, so I won't be running two graphics either. Basically I just do a lot of multitasking, downloading and assembling at high speeds and rar'ing unrar'ing files in the 5 - 10 Gig range. The system will have 2 internal SATA 300 drives and 3 Sata 300 drives in a mobile rack backplane.
Going with the DH55HC will save me around $100 CAD but will I be sacrificing performance? Or is it appropriate for my needs? Thanks.
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  1. I should add I run a dual display setup, playing 720p MKV rips on an HDTV while doing everything else at the same time on my monitor. Graphics card is
    and the audio card is Creative PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium.

    I don't know if any of that makes a difference in which motherboard it better suited to my needs.
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