Asus MB p5q-pro and Razer Deathadder mouse "Device Over Current" prob


I just got this "USB Device Over Current" problem . I have read through the other forums but nothing to the problem i am getting. I have a Asus p5Q-pro. It only happens to my back USB ports my front ones are working perfectly.

The problem is also only with my Razer Deathadder mouse. I plugged my old mouse into the back port and it works but the minute i plug in the Razor mouse my system shuts down.

When i plug the Razer mouse into the front ports it works no problems.

The Razer mouse i have been using it for the past couple of months no problem..just happened last night.

Any help would be great.

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  1. Welcome Back! :)

    Most of the time it's from the I/O shield making contact with the USB ports and/or connected device(s).

    The only check is to unscrew the MOBO {breadboarding too} and 'dangle' the MOBO away from the I/O shield, otherwise there's a grounding 'short' between the stand-offs and MOBO - > solution electrical tape on standoff and pierce a hole for the screws.
  2. Cool Thanks...I will give that a try...let you know how it goes :)

    a few questions...i should place electrical tape between the MOBO and I/O shield?

    What is "stand-off"?

    Also if it is "short" why does the other stuff i plug in to the back usbs still work? is it because the Razer mouse takes to much power?
  3. I got the answer for "Stand-off" Googled it :)
  4. I'm not suggesting a 'dead short' and it's the only reasonable explanation from both your comments & symptoms - "It only happens to my back USB ports..." As far as 'this one vs that one' some plugs are different, some are wired differently, some may not be effected by design, some may not have a shielding issue, etc.

    I too assume by your wording that >1 USB device is effected.
  5. Cool Thanks...That makes sense.... :)
  6. Hi

    I tried the solution but nothing....i am thinking of just getting a pci usb card and plugging the Razer mouse in there. what do you think?
  7. Just a update...i did everything i can to the motherboard....nothing helped. I talked to a guy in Canada computers and he told me that there was probably something wrong with the mouse. so i sent the mouse to Razer for them to check it out. hope fully they can fix it .
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