New i3 System, which Motherboard?

I'm building a new i3-530 system for a friend on about a $500 budget. He already has a hard drive and OS. They really want an Intel processor and not AMD and they don't play games and just mainly browse the web and use office apps so I think the H55 IGP would work well. He also has a PATA DVD burner he wants to use so I'm not looking at the ASRock H55 mb.

Can anyone recommend a good motherboard and RAM combo to fit this? I was looking at either the

I am also thinking of just getting some crucial ram to fill in. I never used G.Skill before.

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    I really don't recommend going intel with a $500 budget, simply because the $90 Athlon II X3 440 is such a great deal in terms of price/performance.

    Either mobo will work fine, though the GA one has only a single 4x PCIE slot so, if your friend wants to leave the option open for a discrete card, have him go with the asus.

    For his needs G Skill Ripjaw 7-7-7-21 DDR3 1333 is only $110 for 4gb

    The tom's guys like the crucial RAM for some reason, but with much tighter timings and proven high overclock potential for $5 more, I consider it a better value.
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