Looking to upgrade...

Well, I'm looking to buy a new graphics card, but I'm not sure what exactly I need..

Below I will state my systems specifications, but I am not sure how to specify some of the things below, I know what they are, but not how to get the information, for those I will put, Unknown.

1) What are your system specifications? Give us full specs:

CPU = Unknown
Motherboard = Unknown
PCI-E / AGP = Uknown, but I think PCI-E.
RAM = 4 GB's
PSU = Not sure.
Current Video Card = ATI Radeon 3100.

2) What is your budget?

Around $100, can't go any higher than $110.

3) For how long are you planning to have this new card?
A year or so, until I get a job.. (I'm still a kid!)

4) What will the new Video Card be used for?
Hard-Core Gaming - LOVE GAMING!

5) If Gaming, please tells us the games you're planning to play. Please list as many as you'd love to play.

Titles such as... GTA IV, Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield 2.. etc..


I bought this PC around the beginning of 09, it came with the ATI Radeon 3100 Onboard, I thought it was an alright Graphics card, at the time.

Now I see that I can't run most of the games that I would like to play, so I'm looking to upgrade, but I'm not sure what card I need, exactly.

I'm also not sure what the cards require from a PC, Neither do I know how to check my full specifications (Motherboard, PSU, etc..)

Hope some one here can offer some advice, 'or lead me in the right direction.

CPUZ Info, below..


Also, some one suggested these, on another forum;

But I was looking to purchase from Amazon, as I have a $115 Dollar balance (From gift cards) on there, that I could use for this purpose.. So I was wondering if these we're any good, DX11 isn't important..

Thanks for the advice, also.

Also, if you could find anything better on amazon, please share..

I will try to open up my PC soon, and see the PSU information, etc..
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  1. I don't have the $200 Dollars, to spend on a graphics card though... anything else? around the $90 - $110 Range?
  2. Quote:
    HD 5770

    his budget is $110 tops, the card you linked is $180....

    try one of these cards


    4850 uses more power for slightly better performance
  3. Anybody can help me out? ;)
  4. yeah its the same card, i think newegg carries it also
  5. Okay, so the 4850, could run the games I mentioned in my first post, on mid to high?

    Need to know this stuff, before I buy :)

  6. yes, make sure your PSU can handle it
  7. This is the best you can get for $110 hands down. Sapphire HD 4850 (same model that was linked above for Amazon). I purchased 1 of these for $99.99 ( a few days before it went down to $93.99, now it's $106~).

    Overclocks pretty well, comes with default clocks of 650/1000 memory. I got it overclocked to 695 core/1190 memory. With the mentioned clocks it hits around 7k~ 3dmark06 (3D score not system) with my Phenom II B50 x4 @ 3.6 ghz.

    Other notes: Pretty quiet considering it's a mid range card (or at least it was a few months ago). Your going to need a 400w+ PSU with at least 21a on the 12v.
  8. Okay, well I opened it up, and the PSU shows;

    Output Power; 300 Watt (+12V+5v&3.3V)

    Input 115V/230V 'or something like that...

    Rating: 6.3A/25V. 'or something..

    Where do I go from here..
  9. you would need to upgrade the PSU or get something like an ATI 4670 which is a solid entry level gaming card.
  10. Dang, that's a bummer.

    First of all, what would a new PSU run me, cost wise?

    Second of all, would it be worth it to grab the ATI 4670, or just upgrade my PSU, then get a better card? and if it is worth it, what can the ATI 4670 Handle? is it a good card?

    Thanks for taking the time to help me out ;)
  11. Anybody? Still need to know an answer to what I asked above.
  12. a solid PSU for the 4850 would be $50-60

    a 4670 can handle any new game out there on medium settings, any older (3 years +) on high settings with a 20 inch LCD.
  13. Man... this is a hard one.

    If I fork up the money for the PSU, I'm going to have to wait a while before I can grab the 4850..

    This is going to be a very hard decision.. I might ultimately go with the 4670 for now though..

    If you, or any one else, has any more suggestions, feel free to speak up :D
  14. I may get the 4670, along with a PSU, as 300 Watt's is a small amount to run even the 4670.. am I wrong?

    If some one could link me to a PSU, for a good price, that would be great ;)
  15. Best answer
    An HD 4670 will be enough for GTA IV, or Battlefield Bad Company 2 at resolutions higher then 1280x720 (around 17"~ monitor).

    Resolutions for anything higher and your going to have to stick to low to low-mid settings, also lag during intense graphical points (battle scenarios, or where there's a lot of NPCs or players) for Bad Company 2 and GTA 4.

    Trust me when I say this, save up and get the HD 4850 with a new PSU.

    The minimum power supply I would recommend for the HD 4850 is the Corsair CMPSU-400. It goes for $54.99 on newegg and comes with a $10 mail in rebate.

    Power supply:

    Graphics card:
  16. Thanks a lot, AsAnAtheist.

    I will most likely go with the PSU & the HD 4850, sounds like a good choice.
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