Hard disk problem

When i turn on the computer the hdd is not recognized,but when i restart the computer it works. What could be the problem.

p.s it is not connected with the power supply, i have tried with many ps .
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  1. Have you tried a new cmoas battery?
  2. Well no, but i don't think that is the problem.
  3. Its a bios setting. Your drive isn't spinning up and reporting itself in enough time. Try disabling fast boot, or look at the settings for the drives. Turn off fast options or add in any delays you can.
  4. Well i give it a try.
  5. Don't forget to let us know how it went/goes.
  6. Well i get i new problem, it gives me CRC error when i am copying files bigger than 4gb from local disc to another local disc.
  7. Several ideas come to mind. Your either trying to copy onto a file system that doesn't support 4GB+ files like FAT32, you have a dying drive (not sure about this), or you changed something in the bios you shouldn't have. I'd check out the file system first.
  8. i had defrag it and check for error but still got the same problem
  9. Ok, so its a system file issue, or something changed in the bios?
  10. I think that the hdd is dying. RIP HDD :D
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