Mobo+processor upgrade

my friends mobo just crashed he plans to upgrade his processor and mobo

his budget is 300$

and he doesnt require DDR3 mobo
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  2. how is this mobo

    AMD770- M4A77TD PRO

    yhea that proc is good
  3. It's not that great. It's an older chipset. It also doesn't have the features of many of the "standard" boards out there right now, such as USB 3/SATA III ports and 8x/8x Crossfire. It does have a second PCIe 2.0 slot, but since it operates at only 4x, it's essentially worthless.

    The board I linked to is the newest chipset, and will support the upcoming six core CPUs without having to update the BIOS.
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  5. thx a lot i will go with your opinion
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