Blue screen when hd cable hoked up to a 285 gtx

get bluescreen when hd cable is hooked up to my 285 gtx card ??????????? have asus hd mon. xp 32 bit / striker 2 formula mb / e7400 cpu oc to 3.35 / 2x2g ballstix / 1100w psu.......................thankx
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  1. My first guess is that you have too many devices on one of your 12v rails, but without knowing the make & model of your power supply, it's hard to tell.
    Do you still get a blue screen if you set your cpu back to its default value?

    When you respond, please list your full spec's (like number of HD's, CD-Roms, Video Cards) and provide make & model.
  2. just got a replay from bfg they are going to rma it , guess the problem was bigger than u or i could fix? anyways here's the info coolermaster 1100w upc 1 hd 200g 7200 / 1 hp1070 dvd V 1 GTX285 OC 666, ASUS STRIKER 2 FORMULA MB XP PRO 32BIT 2X2G CRUCIAL BALLSTIX RAM 800
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