Kingston new SSds...are they anygood(read for model)

Hello everyone, so long story short i get this news feed(rss) and im like hmmm.......sounds good...but im not a pro. This is the link about the new kingston SSDs...

My question is, are these any good? Mainly i ask because, about a year ago, i spent 240 for a 90g ssd and its a major PAIN to manage space on this thing. Now granted i have about 5-6TB of hdd space all together and usually install/download/backup to those drives but

as a web developer i use alot of tools that benefit from the speed of an SSD. i just get tired of always micro managing 90 gigs.

These SSds on the article seem good but...what do i know lol.

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advanced
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  1. Since they use the SandForce2281 controller, they should be on par with OCZ and other models using the same controller.

    The only real difference would be the quality of the NAND chips. But this can be reflected in the read/write specs, which those show as good. I think my OCZ Vertex 3 gets uptp 550r/485w, but the Intel 520 gets up to 550r/510w.

    IMHO, I won't buy Kingston. Their early models posted bad speeds. But they finally moved up along side of the others out there now.
  2. im not a noob but, not knowledgeable to speak as if i kow so ill ask lol,

    ive heard other ppl say that about kingston, about slow speeds, as well as other ssd companies, my ? is, even though these speeds are
    "slow" they still blow HDDs outta the water right?

    im looking for the BEST option i can go with for no more than 200 bucks and that its over 90gigs.

  3. I read four technical reviews this morning. The Kingston HyperX 3K is a brand new model. Kingston kept the price down by using NAND with a shorter life cycle. The life cycle was reduced from 5,000 to 3,000 PE (program/erase cycles). For the typical home user, gamer, or enthusiasts the reduced life cycle should not make a difference. The ssd should still be good for years of use. The ssd is brand new and does not yet have an established track record. I recommend waiting a few months.

    Here are the links to the reviews:

    If you are interested in other brands and models, then here is a link to the ssd database:

    Scroll down to the brands and models you are interested in and then follow the links to the technical reviews.
  4. You should be able to get 120GB for under $190.00

    Try, and

    An Intel 520 120GB = $189.99

    OCZ Vertex 3 120GB - $169.99

    Samsung 830 128GB = $189.99

    These are my recommendations, in that order, but you see you can get one under $200.00
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