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P5QL pro CPU RAM divider?

Hi I am trying my first ever OC but am having problems. Is there actually a CPU RAM Divider in the P5QL pro options I am not seeing or do I unstrap (or whatever its called) and just figure it out. I was following the guide in the "read this first" section but the screenshot doesn't show a CPU RAM divider and it doesn't describe where it is located. I thought I'd missed reading a section but it just said "Most good boards will offer several fsbram dividers. Some common ones are listed below". In fact that part of the guide seems to become a little vague, like for example why he set the PCI clock synchronisation to 33.33 mhz.

Please help!
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    Same as your other thread. You need to provide additional details to get more help.

    What are the specs for your entire system? To get help folks here will need that information. At a minimum, we need to know that make/model of your CPU, motherboard, memory, power supply, video card, case, and storage devices.

    Also, what version of Windows you are running (and whether 32 or 64 bit) would be useful.
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