Hi I had installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 on my Dell optiplex desktop PC, after installation i got a massage showing . My VGA adaptor is not compatible with this windows, windows 7 supports VGA card for Direx 9 or newer.
Could you please figure out what problem i have and the FIX for that ???
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  1. What model of dell do you have, or if you can figure out which graphics card you own and post it here would help.

    From the description of the error, it says your graphics card is to old basically. You will need to get a newer one that supports DirectX 9 or newer.
  2. Thanks paperfox i'll let you know the model when i get back home.
    i also think it might be old card.
    But i m confused wether irequire new card or just Driver ?
    i'l get back soon.
  3. DirectX is tied into your hardware and in order to use a newer version you will need to upgrade (buy a newer card).
  4. hi could u tell me how to chek my current VGA card.. which settings/numbers i have to look? It might be embeded into dell mother board chipset?
  5. If you post the service tag we can look on dell's site to check out the computers original configuration. Are you using the internal card or an dedicated video card? Is it the original?
    You mentioned you had a Dell OptiPlex in your first post, we just need the number that comes after that. According to Wikipedia there are over 60 different versions of the OptiPlex line: 960, 320, GX280, GXL ect.
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