Abit POST CODE problems

i have a 8.3 error what does this mean
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  1. according to my abit manual, an 8.3 code = "ATX Power Supply Ready".

    Not sure what that means though....:(
  2. Is that just the display on your motherboard or is it realy a error code? what are your problems?
  3. Here is what i found on abits website
    8.3. Guru check ATX power supply ready signal Power on -> Stop at 8.3. 12V 4 pin plug disconnected or power supply damage Check 4 pin power plug or replace power supply
    what it is saying is check your 4 pin is it disconnected or you might have a dieing power supply. Can you boot in to windows is this a error on the screen? beep codes? :)
    http://www.abit.com.tw/faq/code.html here is the link to the info
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