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My system would freeze after booting. It totally stops responding. It however works fine when I boot into safe mode.

Below are my system specs:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core CPU 4000+ 2.10GHz
GeFORCE 8400GS 512MB
Windows 7 Ultimate N

After it freezes, I hold down the power button to boot it again. I was thinking it could be because of heating issues. So I checked the temperatures on the system in the BIOS PC Health section.

Here are the readings:

CPU temp: 47C
System temp: 42C

The CPU fan seems to be working as well (@2869RPM). I am absolutely clueless as to what could be causing the problem. I had also formatted and reinstalled the OS thinking it could be some virus/malaware problem.

Please help....
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  1. We need to know you PSU and motherboard. We also need to know all the details on the RAM. 2 GB DDR2 describes hundreds of models.

    However, start by going through the standard troubleshooting checklist (link in my signature). Make sure to do EVERY step. DO NOT SKIP anything, as there are no shortcuts in troubleshooting. After finishing ALL of the steps, come back with any changes.

    Next, download MemTest86+ from Burn the ISO image to a CD. Then reboot and enter BIOS. Set the RAM to the exact specifications (found on either the manufacturer's website or sometimes on the side of the sticks). Then set the computer to boot from the disk. Restart and let it run overnight, or through at least 7 passes. Come back with any results.

    I'm betting that the RAM is either bad or has not been set to the right specs.
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