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When I build my system with a BI-RAD water radiator, am i able to put a fan on top of another so kind of like you put a fan on top of each other(don't make fun of me if this is absurd i'm learning :P)
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  1. You could, but there would be no difference. Better of having the rad in push/pull rather push/push or pull/pull.
  2. i mean... two fans on each side... or 4 8 total on a bi-rad(again dont make fun of me :P)
  3. Well, I guess there would still be no difference. Only so much air can go into a fan, so there wouldn't be much of a difference.

    Though if you want a look at what will happen if you do (to an extreme level) this video may help :D.
  4. well that is a lot of fans... do you know if those fans are good? im looking for some fans... also yeah that video is funny :P
  5. The Corsair Quiet edition fans are decent enough radiator fans, but are prone to (don't know if "air bleeding" is the right term) where gaps in the frame will allow air to escape and not o through the rad.

    Silverstone Air Penetrators, Noctua NF-F12, Gentle Typhoon (forgot which model) are good radiator fans to get.
  6. ok, btw sound does not matter so are these the highest RPM/Static pressure possible that i can get?
  7. First of all sound matters, this thing will be sitting next to you for long periods of time, you will eventually care about how noisy it is.

    Dont know if they are the highest, but they are whats recommended for radiator usage.
  8. I wear my headset and it is relatively sound proof, I see what you mean but I mean how load can it get? also that gentle typhoon looks really nice do you know if it can cool 11FPI radiators well?
  9. While admittedly sound from the fans isn't an issue on my build since I have a fan controller and just have my XSPC Xinrullian 1650's running on a low voltage, if I turned them to full the noise is very noticeable.
    Its more the pump noise that's a noise issue for me. You really do notice if the rig is making noise after a while.

    Dont know about that exact fin density, but I do know lower FPI rads don't require as good static pressure to perform well, while higher FPI rads need stronger fans. The thickness of the rad also plays a part as well.
    11FPI is sort of in the middle, so getting decently strong fans will help, especially if the rad is thick.
  10. ah ok yeah i was look at that one but i decided im only cooling my 3570k so i dont need it, will the gentle typhoon cool that pretty well?
  11. I would say yes.

    Though I wonder why you are only getting 120mm of rad space?
    While that is enough to cool a 3570k at stock, once you start overclocking I think you will run into heat dissipation issues. The answer to which will be increasing the fan speed which leads to more noise.
    TBH I would just pay the extra $5 and get a 240mm version of the rad.
  12. You get better price/performance from slim rads than you do thick ones, and depending on your case getting a thick rad could be an issue.
  13. so then you suppose i will get better temps with the thin one than the thick one?
  14. No, just that I think the thin rad is better value. The thick rad will perform better, but IMO its not worth spending $20 more.
    The loop your running wont require a lot of rad space anyway though, at a guess after overclocking your TDP will be ~100W. The EX240 will handle that just fine. More radiator beyond that wont give you better cooling performance, but will allow you to use slower fans.
  15. oh ok now i get it, so then if i were to get the 70 dollar one then the delta-T would not drop? it would be the same as the thin one? also i plan on overclocking this thing to at least 4.6(if chip can handle it i hav enot tested because of the overheating) and I dont know the TDP with this... also do you have any idea what that radiator TDP can handle?
  16. To find out the TDP a rad can handle, gotta look up reviews. Martin of Martins Liquid Labs did a review on the EX360 that shows its TDP vs Fan Speed, might want to look that up. Just remove a 1/3 of the TDP and you'l have a rough idea of how the EX240 will perform.

    Theres a formula in the sticky for calculating the TDP of a processor after overclocking, though to use it you need to know the voltage it will be running at.
    The 3570k (at stock) has a TDP of 77W.
  17. ah ok, i will look into that see if i cant find the max tdp of the EX240

    note: what is the little metal thing that people put over the fan?
  18. Oh, the grill.
    Its for aesthetic purposes mainly, but it stops you accidentally sticking your finger in the fan.
  19. ah ok :P lol have done that a few times, no big deal :P

    God i cant seem to find the TDP I have been searching on SKinnee labs but cant find a review on the EX240(or 360 for that matter)

    also just wanted to ask do you think this is a good resivour/pump
  20. Will admit the only reason I have them is because it came with the kit, so I thought why not put them on.

    Their fairly good, I have the V2 version of that pump, so what I say might not be entirely accurate when applied to this one.
    I find that it vibrates a bit and lets off noise when mounted in the case. A sort of low drone. Packing the unit tighter in the bays with felt did help a fair bit, but its still noticeable.
    Also its fairly hard to fill the res entirely and bleed air from it due to the design of the fill-port. I eventually ended up using a T-Line so I could fill it entirely and to bleed air out.

    That being said, its still a good unit overall if you dont have the room in the case for a pump and reservoir. Although I don't know the proper math behind it (flow rates, head pressure, restriction all still go over my head a bit) its good for a low restriction loop with a few blocks and rads.
  21. well it looks like to me that the max for the 360 is about 300watts, which it would only make sense that the 240 is 200watts, if the one i have is v2? i dont know teh fpi of it either

    ok well then it should work for me, did you use this?

    i was thinking of getting this one but i thought maybe the otherone was better guess im going with this one

    also do you ahve any idea how i will power all 4 fans on my radiator? is there like a molex plug splitter/extender? because i have one molex plug free but it is at the bottom of the build
  22. Yep, that's the pump I use.
    The V4 is better than the V2, dont get the V2 just because I have it. I got an XSPC kit, didn't build a loop from scratch, so I didnt even decide to get this pump.

    Either through a fan controller or a splitter.
    I use a combination of both. A fan controller leading to two 3-way splitters, so that way I can control the push and pull fans individually.
  23. I think i will use the fan splitter, and run the fans at 100% at all times, though if it is too load i can always get a fan controller

    do you have any idea what the v4 version is called
  24. X20 750 V4...
    The one you linked before, this one, is the V4.

    EDIT: No reason why that cable wouldnt work.
  25. oh ok yeah i looked up the x20 v4 on amazon and got a shitty cell phone so thought maybe it had another name... ok I will go iwh the V4 it is cheaper anyways

    do you know if teh fans are 3 or 4 pin?
  26. also any ideas on how many i would need of these?

    I am thinking i need 6 2 for radiator 2 for pump and 2 for the block but i just wanted to make sure
  27. At minimum two for whatever you have in the loop.
    If thats all you have in the loop, the 6 is enough.
  28. ok then 6 it is...

    WOW thats a lot of money with only 80 more dollars i could get another 670 which im kinda temped to get :P

    I dont know does water cooling lower you temps enough to where it is worth it? i mean im running my chip at never above 90c at 3.3
  29. I think I said this in one of your threads but not sure.

    If your looking purely at Cooling performance per Dollar, air cooling has water beat by a long way. But water-cooling does give that extra performance if your willing to pay for it.
    Plus its kind of a hobby once you get addicted to it, always thinking of how you can improve it and such. Its a fun thing to do.

    If price is an issue, have a look through the kit options. They are great value for money, you get everything you need except coolant ($10 at most for supermarket distilled) and a biocide (which you do get if you buy through FrozenCPU).
    This is a kit that is quite similar to what you seem to be looking at getting (actually has a better pump)
  30. yeah i will look into those, I have just posted a new thread in this section about it but if i use the money from this i could get another 670 with 60 dollars...
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