Help overclock my Phenom ii x4 945

I want to overclock my 945 amd cpu.I am entirely new to overclocking although I have seen a few people do it themself.First of all I have the Phenom ii x4 945 (95w TDP) running at stock 3.00Ghz.I will be getting an Antec Kuhler H2O 620 watercooled cpu cooler.
1.Now I have this motherboard ( and was hoping someone could help me overclock it slowly and safely.
2.Also anyone who has the same cpu what clock did you get yours at and with what cooler?
3.What is my estimate (eg. voltage,clock,temp)
(Sorry if this question has been asked before or if it is in the wrong place.)
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  1. You're best bet would be to simply adjust you're multiplier in you bios if it supports it that is. The stock multiplier on a AMD 945 chip is 15x. So change it to 15.5 then check for stability using prime 95 and to monitor you're cpu temp you can download core temp. Once you see that it is stable after a couple hours or so you can up the multiplier another .5 to 16.0 then 16.5 and so on.....if you come into a bsod or failure booting you can do two things up you're cpu power a bit or lower the multiplier. Also you don't have to adjust the multiplier by .5 each time you can move it up or down to what ever. I just suggest that people go at it little by little. Remember you're Os may run fine for days and weeks but if it's not stable you can cause serious harm to files,documents ect... if the system makes a miscalculation and believe me it dose happen. I lost over 2tb of data when I was transferring to an external drive my system had a bsod!!!!!!!!!!! the hard drive had to be formatted after that :(
  2. Oh and just in case you crash you're system and you're motherboard won't post at all, simply unplug,look on the board for a jumper named CLRCMOS there will be a little plastic connector over two of the three pins. Remove it and move it over and leave it for about 30seconds. Place the jumper back to its original position
  3. 945 is a locked chip, no multiplier overclocking. All the other questions can be answered though overclocking guides and trial and error.

    Overclocking is very setup dependent, I highly suggest you do a whole lot of reading then start experimenting with what you learn.
  4. 945 is not black edition chip but you can overclock by the fsb method
  5. 945 is not black edition chip but you can overclock by the fsb method
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