PSU 36A – Is it enough for a GTX 260 maxcore 55

I have some concerns before attempting to install my new BFG GTX 260 OC maxcore 55. I kind of bought the card in a haste because there was a amazing deal i just could not afford to let go “out of stock”.

I just noticed in the system requirement that this card requires 38A on the +12V and a 525W PSU. I have a Enermax Liberty 620W PSU that has a combined output of 36A. The rest of my system is pretty standard: 3x72000 rpm HDD, 2xDVD-ROM, 4x120mm fans at 12000 rpm. Here are my concerns:

Does the missing 2 amps could cause problems. It is also written on the PSU spec. that it has a “Peak Power” of 680W. On the video card's box it says that the 38A recommendations are based on a Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 system; my processor is a quad core AMD Phenom 9950 BE 125W @ 3GHz (2.6GHz stock). I am not planing to OC my GTX 260 but if so not more than 10%.

The PSU have two dedicated PCI-E cable; one is 2+6 pines (PCI-E 2.0 i believe?) and the other is a 6 pines PCI-E. I suppose it is ok to use that 2+6 pines cable without the 2 additional detachable pines? (the card has two 6 pines connection).

Thanks a bunch for any help!

P.S: Sorry for my spelling
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    Im thinking you will be able to squeeze by here. The manufacturers recomondations are over estimated so you should be ok.

    As for the 6 and 6+2 PCIE pins they are just PCIE pins, (no 2.0) the 2.0 refers to the PCIE slot that the card connects to the motherboard. Also the 6+2 PCIE pin is just an 8 pin but with added flexibility to be able to be used as a 6 pin.
  2. Thanks for the info paperfox!

    Looks like things will not blow up after i put the new video card in!

    Knock wood!
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