Dell Dimension 9200, Windows 7, Surround Sound Issue

I recently upgraded my dell dimension 9200 to windows 7, Everything is working fine except for my sound. Due to its built in soundcard its meant to be able to output surround sound. I currently have a set of 5.1 surround sound speakers, These have a green,orange and black jack which goes into the matching ports on the back.

Sound plays out of the green line fine but nothing comes from the orange or black lines.

Speaker properties shows "No jack information".

The driver is: SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC, with a version of I have attempted to upgrade this driver and have found drivers that completely disable my sound.

It appears that the computer has forgotten it can output anything but stereo sound.

What can I do to remedy this?

If you need anymore information Please ask :)
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  1. Does your motherboard have an optical audio o/p (should be something like S/PDIF)? If yes, then you can connect it to the optical i/p of your speaker set using the optical cable (which you might have to buy). Then test with the new drivers. It should also work with the old ones.
  2. Sorry to ask such a simple question, but have you configured Windows 7 to output 5.1?
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