Need help with watercooling

Im test running my watercooling and it seems like it will take a wile for the air to get out... Will a 24 hour leak test get the all out?

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  1. i'd say so. give it all a gentle rotation to help bleed it out while its running (so the air doesn't get caught in one spot)
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    The air will really only be an issue in your radiators so rotate them quite often during leak testing to push the air out. It also helps to keep tabs on your reservoir level and topping the water levels off to get the dislodged air out of there and not circulated back into the loop.

    Those tiny bubbles you see in the res window will be there for a while but aren't a big deal. They will work their way out over a few days. You are really most concerned about large pockets of air trapped in radiators and adding water to the reservoir to keep your pump from pushing that extra air back through the loop.
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