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PC won't boot from new HDD

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April 11, 2012 1:21:10 PM

Hey guys, not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this, but here it goes...

I just recently bought a new hard drive for my computer, and I installed Win 7 on it. It works fine, but my computer won't boot WITHOUT my old hard drive connected! I can't even begin to understand why this is, because I'm 100 % sure that I've installed Win 7 on the new one. I can even boot up, remove my OLD HDD, and everything's fine and dandy, though if I restart it, I'll get something like "No boot-able device found. Connect a boot-able device or CD".

I was playing games like World of Warcraft and Skyrim, and since these games have HUGE worlds, I'd get these lag spikes whenever I turned my view. Now that I've installed the new HDD, this is no longer an issue, so I know that it worked at least.

Anyone got ANY idea as to why this is happening? Any advice would be truly appreciated!

- Serenity

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a b G Storage
April 11, 2012 1:23:08 PM

go to bios by pressing f8 when booting
go to your boot options and set the new hard drive as boop opion 1, you can disable any other boot devices to speed up your boot up process
April 11, 2012 9:07:19 PM

Thanks for your reply, alvine, but I've tried this already to no avail. If anyone else has got any clue as to why this is happening, please share!

- Serenity
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a c 194 G Storage
April 11, 2012 9:24:52 PM

if it an ide drive (had 40 pin connector on back) you have to set the jumper right on it. dell and other vendors use cable sc mode and you have to put the drive on the same cable and same place as the old one. if you want both the old and new drive and there ide to work in your system the new drive jumper has to be set to master and the old drive jumper set to slave.
a b G Storage
April 11, 2012 9:49:47 PM

I think rather then doing a fresh install you cloned the old disk. Am I right?
April 12, 2012 5:18:06 AM

Smorizio: I have tried using the exact same SATA ånd power cable as my working HDD, this however, didn't work either. They other thing you mentioned sounds a bit møre advanced than my simple skills, I will however put up an effort. Thanks :) 

Kursun: I had some troubles installing Win 7 on my drive. Not sure if it was my... Not so legit copy of windows (which has never failed me before), or if my disk is just plain defect.

I did make it work somehow, but I made a new copy of windows into my disk, but it saved my old data in an windows.old folder. If all else fails, I'll acquire å new disk to see if it is my disk, or if it's møre severe... Thanks for trying though, guys! :) 

- Serenity
a b G Storage
April 12, 2012 5:32:25 AM

The Windows 7 installer put the boot loader on your old drive since it saw that as the primary drive. Reinstall Windows 7 without your old drive present and that should fix your problem.
a b G Storage
April 12, 2012 9:10:15 AM

When you “clone” a boot disk either by Cloning or by BackUp/Restore method you also copy the “Disk Signature” of the old disk to the new disk. The two disks become “exact” copies of each other. After creating the new disk you should shut off, remove the old disk (disconnect its electrical wiring) and boot with the new disk.

Otherwise, if you try to boot with the two disks connected OS will get baffled when it sees two identical drives and will mark them both as the boot drives. From now on if you disconnect the old drive the new drive won’t boot alone.

So after doing cloning,
1. Shut the PC off and disconnect the old drive.
2. Boot at least once with the new drive only. It may be a good idea to change its label now.
3. Shut the PC off; connect the old drive back again.
4. Restart the PC, enter bios, be sure the new drive is selected as boot drive.
5. Everything will be OK. PC will boot from the new drive and old disk will still be usable. You can boot from the old drive when you wish. You can also remove or format the old drive with no ill effects.
April 12, 2012 2:52:46 PM

Thanks for all of your great advise, guys! I will definitively try this, simply to re-install without my old disk. I haven't got the time right now, but I will. If all fails after this, I think I'll simply blame the disk and send it back to receive a new one...

- Serenity
April 12, 2012 7:35:54 PM


I did exactly as previously advised by aicom and Kursun, and it WORKED! I feel so silly guys, but it's exactly how Kursun explained in his post... I removed the old HDD and clean installed Win 7 onto my new HDD. Everything is fine and dandy.

Once again, thanks so much for saving me from all of this damn frustration!