How can I tell if mobo supports dual channel?

I have a BIOSTAR K8T80-A7 motherboard that I'm trying to bring back to use. It had two sticks of cruccial 512M PC3200 DDR which were working fine, but then I realized that I had two sticks of crucial 1G PC2700 sitting around, so I put those in and ran memtest86. Sadly one of them had errors.

So I'm wondering whether I should run 1G of PC2700 + 512M of PC3200, or just run the 2x512M.

I'm guessing that either the mobo or the memory does not support dual channel, in which case I might as well run 1.5G, but I'd like to be sure that I'm not actually hurting performance by putting in the extra .5G
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  1. Your board's specs do not mention dual channel, go ahead and run the 1.5GB

    It does not looks like your motherboard supports dual channel memory.. However, running different speed ram modules (PC 2700 + PC 3200) might cause stability issues on such an old motherboard.. You are welcome to try though..
  3. thanks for both replies!

    I've run the vista memory diagnostic on the 1.5G installed and it came away happy - is that decent enough assurance that it will be OK? I haven't run a full memtest86 test on it. This system won't be used for anything too mission critical - in fact I don't really know what it will be used for, I just realized I had all the pieces to construct a workable machine, so I'm trying to cobble them together.
  4. If its working then its all good.. No reason to worry about..
  5. If you get ramdom BSODs, run memtest86+ all the way through.
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