Why don't low power PSUs have OCP?

Some low power PSUs, even from decent brands as Antec, don't have OCP (over current protection).
Is OCP important only for high-power PSUs?
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  1. It is important if your area has frequent voltage spikes.
  2. If you want to learn more about PSU protections, you should read this Gabriel Torres' article:

  3. ksampanna said:
    It is important if your area has frequent voltage spikes.

    A voltage spike, "spike" being defined as a short term voltage transient, will not last long enough to trigger any of the protection circuits in a PSU.

    A spike, however, may damage input components of the PSU. In that case , the PSU dies so that the computer may live.
  4. Let me explain something, every power supply will not pass through to the output any spikes on the input line. A big enough spike on the input line could, however, damage or destroy the power supply (which might, incidentally take out something on the motherboard as it fails).
    OCP stands for Over Current Proctection. It is a feature that reduces the output instantly if the LOAD were to have a short circuit, such as a voltage regulator on a motherboard failing can do. It also protects the power supply from that over current load condition.
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