Campare between core to deo and amd x2 550

which precesser better than amd x2 550 and core to deo
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  1. For What Purpose???
  2. Your question is not clear.
  3. If you mean the Phenom II 550BE that is much better choice over any core 2 duo's. The Phenom II 550 has the chance to be unlocked into a quad core in the rite motherboard and the AM3 socket has a better upgrade path. But at stock most core 2 duos will outperform it but core 2 systems are a bit on the expensive side and besides a few core 2 CPU's by the end of this year Intel will stop manufacturing them.
  4. core 2 duo e8700== FTW
  5. For the price point I would suggest going with AM3 / AMD processors.

    The main reason is that Core 2 Duo is socket 775. This is not being developed for anymore and hasn't seen anything new for about a year.

    With an AM3 platform, you can get a very cheap combo for now (X2 550 is $88 at newegg, AM2 mobos can be had for $50) and later upgrade to a much faster CPU without having to spring for a new mothbeoard too (an X6 1055T six core AMD is $199, 1090T is $309).

    By comparison to the x2 550, the best you can do is an E5500 on the Core 2 side for $89 (using newegg prices) and for the $199 price point of an X6 AMD the best Intel will give you is an E8500 dual core or Q9550 quad core. They are both excellent chips, but don't really compare well to an AMD X6 (I am running a Q9550).

    i5 or i7 is of course the best performance if you have $500+ to blow on a CPU / mobo combo.
  6. To clarify, I was wondering about the intended use of this CPU (Gaming , home theater PC,......etc). But if you're going to buy the x2 550,you're better served with the 555 BE.

    I would recommend buying Athlon II x3 or Athlon II x4 since the L3 cache isn't worth sacrificing one or two extra cores. I recommend staying away from the Core2Duo as it'll never be able to outperform Athlon II x4 in the same price range. The cheapest Core 2 Duo on Newegg is the E7500 & it costs $118. I think the intended use of these processors would only be as upgrades to squeeze longevity out of an aging 775 system but not for building a new system.

    Athlon II x4 630:
    Athlon II x3 440:
  7. Ltes strat oph by bieng abel to splle crrectly.
  8. may1 said:
    Ltes strat oph by bieng abel to splle crrectly.

    let me guess,twitter????
  9. Quote:
    which precesser better than amd x2 550 and core to deo

    I'm not familiar with the core 2 deo.
  10. As far as performance goes the 3MB+, L2 cache, Core2Duos are faster clock4clock and the 6MB ones are faster @ stock.

    The Core2Duos also use less power.

    The 550, like has been said, will likely have a better cost/performance ratio, upgrade path, and has a chance to be unlocked into a quad.
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