X.M.P profile increased core voltage alot!

Hi everyone,

My config:

i5 2500k - stock ( still using default cooler)
sabertooth z77 - lateste bios 1805 I think
patriot viper 3 mamba 2133mhz
gtx 560 ti
vertex 3 ssd 120gb
samsung hd103sj 1tb 7200rpm

I recently bought a new memory the viper 3 mamba 2133mhz.

When I activated the X.M.P profile in the bios the CPU core voltage ( I saw it using AIDA CPUID) increased alot, like 1.296v.

Then I also tried to set the memory frequency manually, but again no sucess.

What I noticed is that once I activated the X.M.P or tried to adjust it manually the CPU could not IDLE properly, with CPU frequency always set at 3.7 ghz ( once again I saw it in AIDA CPUID), giving me an average of 54ºC CPU temperature in IDLE.

Can anyone help me please?
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  1. Is your ram running over 1.5V??

    Intel does not recommend over 1.5V to ram- it can send more voltage to your CPU.
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