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Need to find a LGA 1156 motherboard with sli support

Building a new desktop but need a different motherboard with at least 2 PCIE x16 (with x16/x16 support in sli) for my i5 760
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  1. Asus Maximus III Extreme
  2. Thank you I've been looking that one
  3. Be sure before the purchase.. 8x + 8x has hardly a 5% performance hit when compared to a 16x + 16x dual video card setup..
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    Having no idea of budget - for 2-WAY EVGA P55 FTW 200 SLI 141-LF-E658-KR (x16/x8)

    Keep in mind the GTX 480 will not saturate an x8 PCIe, so keep that in mind.

    Here's a good selection of side-by-side of various price ranges and features. For gaming I prefer EVGA and everything else ASUS, but both are very good choices -|13-188-056^13-188-056-TS,13-131-482^13-131-482-Z01,13-131-621^13-131-621-TS,13-131-601^13-131-601-TS,13-188-057^13-188-057-TS

    Good Luck!
  5. I have about a 250$ -270$ price range. I will be probably be using 2x 1gb gtx 460. With the EVGA P55 FTW 200 SLI 141-LF-E658-KR can i use 2 460 and a physx with it.
  6. Yes, but you'll need a third GPU for the PhysX; the 9800 GT is a good one for PhysX -
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