Highspeed wireless internet from Kos not nearly fast enough

hi, I recently purchased highspeed wireless internet from Kos. I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere but it recentl became available out here. We are paying for 4mb/s, but according to the tech guy that came to our house we are getting 1.5 mb/s... the problem is that im only getting download speeds of about 20 kb/s, 100kb/s on a good day. Also, the tech guy installed a tower on our house to make the signal stronger, but why would he tell us we were geting 1.5 mb/s if its not getting even close to that? is there something i can do to get to that speed?
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  1. any ideas? any help would be appreciated
  2. ive tried it on my pc and ps3 both are just as slow, so its got nothing to do with my comp.
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    Well firstly he's saying that you're getting 1.5Mbps, which converted to bytes as most DL things report in, is about 230~ish KBps

    So you are getting less than that, but not as low as you think. I have a 10Mbps connection that equates to 1.3MBps
  4. thanks, thats what i needed to know
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