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PC Gamer UK use to contain a feature in their Hardware section where they'll list components for 3 full gaming rigs based on a low, mid and high end budget. I loved it, because you could tell whats the best current tech for your buck in a single glance.

Its been a few years since I've browsed through a copy of PCG UK, and being in a third world country, its super costly here. So before I shell out for a copy, does anyone know if the feature still exists in the mag? If not, is there any website I can go to that has something similar?

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  1. The front page of Tom's does a monthly rebuild. They're also starting a new one that users submit to. There is also a list that's updated frequently in the stickies at the top ofhte forum. The thread is called "Recommended Builds by Usage".
  2. Thanks loads!
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