Is my PSU powerful enough

Every now and then I get a blank screen when I boot up my pc but when i take out my GTX280. I reset the bios so it uses the onboard. Then plug in my GTX280 again it works fine again. Other than that the system runs fine. I download torrents over night. I played games like crysis on it. Not a hick up in sight.

Today it just randomly switched itself off. Also quite frequently when I switch it on it switches itself off then on again. I have phenom triple core M3NHT deluxe motherboard and a GTX280. I also have 2x 1gb ddr2, dvd and dvd writer and two sata hdds. A creative audigy sound card. My psu is rated 850W. Am I just over straining the PSU?
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  1. what brand is that psu?
  2. Silver power SP-S850 It's rated at 850watts. But I've heard they can be over rated and you should only assume 70% of the rating.
  3. get a new psu, preferably Corsair.

    never even heard of Silver Power (probably because it sucks)

    A 650w Corsiar will do. :D
  4. Starges said:
    get a new psu, preferably Corsair.

    never even heard of Silver Power (probably because it sucks)

    A 650w Corsiar will do. :D

    Thats pretty hastey and may not solve the problem at all.

    To the OP, have you checked out a calculator for the power usage of your system.

    A quick google search for something like PC power usage calculator should come up with something.

    And considering that your PC runs ok during load like Crysis, I would be tempted to say it's not the PSU unless its some serious bargain bin stuff. You'll notice it doesn't pay to cut costs on a PSU when it blows up and takes out half your hardware.

    Remember when I had a 600W PSU that cost me £25 a few years pack, plugged in my 8800GT and it actually caught fire... I had smoke coming out the back of my PC!

    Took it apart later and there was some ash in a pile where a component was surrounded by a scorched circuitboard.
  5. Yes I used asus wattage calculator a while back. It's really weird. I see where you comming from.
  6. I think I've found the issue, my power supply has 3 12V rails and each of them has 20Amps output rating but my graphics card needs at least 40A at 550W
  7. The 40A recommendation is for the entire system. The card itself only uses about half of that. According to this, your PSU has 4 12v rails with up to 20A each and 63A total. That should be plenty for your setup.

    There's a remote possibility that you may be running into some aggressive over-current protection. If you haven't already done so, try powering the graphics card using the 8-pin connector from the the first pci-e cable with the 6-pin pci-e connector from the second cable instead of using the 6-pin connector that's paired on the same cable as the 8-pin.

    A bit of a longshot maybe, but the only other options are trying a different PSU or a different graphics card.
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