Best way to handle back-ups to extra drives.

Hello all,
I have a question that I hope someone can give some help on. We are running Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 on a HP Proliant DL180 G6 server with 3 259GB HDD's in a raid 5 configuration. room for 5 more hot swappable drives. Also have an inhouse built storage server with 8 500GB drives no raid setup. The OS on the HP server can only backup to physically attached drives (ie external hard drives pulgged directly into the server) it will not allow back up to network drives. My question is this is there a way to attach the storage server to the HP sever to make it think they are attached physically to the server or would I be better off using the other 5 hot swappable bay on the server and swap out the drives daily? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello Jmilerwv,

    Well, it seems quite a complicated problem you got there, but I think I can help you out :)

    My first recommendation would be to try to map network drives to a drive letter using the following link

    However, a simpler option would be to resort to Cloud backup, as I myself have been using for years now! Personally, I'm using Zoolz ( ) from a company called ( Cloud computing removed all this hassle; I used to have those problems but since moving to cloud infrastructure
    there are no more raids and external hard drives.

    Good luck, and I hope I helped you out!
  2. As ValentinaD is saying, Cloud back ups can definitely make life a bit easier. But not all Server configurations (or company policies) are friendly to Cloud backups. If you're compatible and can use them, then do it. Takes a lot of headaches away.

    If not, it sounds like you're using W2008's internal backup solution. There are other solutions out there that will let you backup over the network - Symantec BackupExec, Backup Assist, or Acronis Backup. Just to name a few...
  3. Thank you both for the great advice. Will need to look at cost and see which the Owners would preffer.
  4. If you are looking into cloud based backups, make sure you have enough upstream bandwidth or your backups will take a long time, especially the first full backup. Differential backups should have less data to push across the wire.
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