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4870 possibly Failing?

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March 3, 2010 1:52:34 AM

Well a couple of weeks ago i started getting crashing in games started on bad company 2 beta but a beta isn't a good idea to go on i didn't think much of it then i started crashing/locking up in mass effect 2 and similar things happen with crysis. Then to follow the card has developed a high pitched noise when there is anything graphically intensive. I have a xfx 4870 1gb

So i cranked up ati tool and occt they both failed instantly. I was running my 4870 on 790/1100 no voltmods. When i first oc'ed it was rock solid. So i backed my 4870 to stock speeds 750/900 and its rock solid but still with this annoying high pitch noise that only started around the time i experienced crashing.
I have had the card a year. I have been dealing with XFX but they seem to think it is a temp issue even though they said my temps were under tolerance. I have concluded it is not a temp issue if run it at stock speeds and run lower fan speeds it still passes compared to being oc'ed

Sample temps: running 4870 fan speed at 35%

Ambient Temp is around 25c
Temperatures at load after about 20mins.
Readings taken from Everest Cpu is 48
Motherboard is 44
Gpu Disp IO is 70
GPU Mem IO is 83
GPU Shader is 73
GPU VRAM is 50

I am running a e8400 @4.00ghz ( i also backed off cpu OC to stock but no difference on gpu)

Was running Prime 95 Large FFT and ATi tool scanning for artifacts The rest of my system appears to be stable in prime 95 for several hours(i stopped it no errors up till then) it is just the graphics card having problems well to me it appears that way failing only graphical intense applications.

Hope some one can help me identify this issue as i can only think the card is failing.
(sorry if grammar isn't perfect)

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March 10, 2010 1:02:04 AM

bit sad i got no response to this guess i wont be coming here again :( 
March 10, 2010 1:06:09 AM

Have you tried checking the card for dust, more common problem then you think.
March 10, 2010 1:33:04 AM

I have no idea what that high pitched noise could be, but there always the risk with overclocking of shorting the lifespan of the product, And those temps seem pretty high. But this is outside my domain as I've only made one build, and it's been with an nvidia, gtx 275.