no more full screen at 1080p

my monitor wont change to 1920x1080 full it will give my about a inch of black bar going around my screen

monitor is set to 60hz my monitor works fine at 1440x900 it used to work fine before my ati 5770's
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  1. Are you using the windows screen adjustment or the ATI software?
  2. Tryed both
  3. Did you fully uninstall your old graphics drivers before adding the new 5770s?
  4. did a format and reinstalled windows 7 64bit and then install ati 10.2 catalyst for the 5770's. but the catalyst does even give me the option to use 1920x1080
  5. try looking @ the scaling options for your display inside ccc.

    if its grayed out, try switching your desktop resolution to 800x600.
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