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I've got Corsair XMS 1333 DDR3 ram in my Core i7. Although I've tried googling for answers I didn't really got one. How much on average will these modules overclock? Will it handle 1450?

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    The XMS are indeed very nice, but they're not Dominator's. There is NO set number, but 'typically' you get ~20%~30%; in other words I would try setting the speed to 1600 MHz and test. Further, beforehand you'll need to manually set ALL CAS settings, DRAM Voltage to spec and then go from 1333 -> 1600 MHz {either via 1600 entry or Memory Multiplier depending upon your BIOS/Architecture}. ONLY increase DRAM Voltage by +0.1~+0.2V and ONLY if the RAM is unstable.

    If 1450 won't work then you've got a larger problem of very poor BIN {quality}

    Test with Memtest86+ {D/L and create a bootable CD/DVD ISO/zip} -

    Good Luck!
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