500watt PSU for HD 5870

I want to know whether a 500watt PSU is sufficient for HD 5870 because I wanted to buy one. If 500watt PSU is enough for HD 5870 then is it safe for my system cause I heard from my friend that if I fix the HD5870 into my rig it will screw up the whole system.

My computer is a Acer M5810. I am from Malaysia.
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  1. Which 500W PSU? there are some that could handle it but many would not be able to.
  2. Well, I am not so sure cause i bought this computer from Acer abt 3months ago. If it helps to determine whether my 500watt PSU is able to handle HD5870 these are my system specs

    My system specs :
    Intel Core i5 750 2.67GHz
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    1TB HDD
    Nvidia GT230 1.5GB ( OEM version )
    Windows 7 32bit
    DVD-Super Multi Drive
  3. If they put a 500W in with a GT230 it probably cant handle a 5870, they usually cut it as close as they can to cut costs, you will be much safer upgrading to a good quality unit that has ~40A on the 12V rail.
  4. Oh I see, thx. Well, looks like I have to get a new PSU afterall. What would you recommend me buying 650watts PSU? and is it HD 5870 worth the money or should I wait for Nvidia Fermi?
  5. Fermi will likely be more expensive, the 5870 is about as fast as a GTX 295 which used to hold the performance crown and will give you great performance even at 2560x1600. It is definitely worth it, and the price is unlikely to drop soon unfortunately.

    A good 40A unit like the corsair 550VX would power a single one, if you would like to have the option for crossfire down the line, the corsair 750TX is only slightly more than the 550VX but could power 2 5870s so it might be good to invest in one of those instead. Either way you wont need to replace your PSU for many years, if you get the 750TX you wont need to upgrade it for many years either so it might be a good investment.
  6. I see, thank you for your advise! :)
  7. Just to emphasize that last point by hunter-- Get a branded power supply by Corsair, Antec, OCZ, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling.

    A generic 650w will not be as reliable/powerful as branded high quality 500-550w unit.
  8. I have a question, is 750watt cooler master GX series good enough?
  9. Yes, it appears to be a brand new model from them an has 60A on the 12V rail which is standard for a good 750W unit, but its only a 3 year warranty. If you are buying off newegg you can get the 750TX for the same price, or you can get the TP-750 for $20 less after you use the promo code, both have 5 year warranties. seems silly to pay the same amount for a unit that the manufacturer doesnt have a ton of faith in.
  10. Oh, I see. Thanks for your advise, it really helps me to decide wisely. Another thing, i was wondering if i should get a sapphire HD 5870 or XFX HD 5870. Coz i'm confuse, are there any differences between the two but the price for both them are the same. I went to my local computer hardware store, they sell both of the cards for RM1390 malaysian ringgit, its about 413.629 USD give or take.
  11. If they both appear to have the same cooler, and the sapphire one doesnt have a Vapor X cooler(it will be obvious if it does) then they will both perform identically. I dont know if XFX's lifetime warranty is valid outside of the US unfortunately, but here they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their cards so i usually recommend them over others, if it is available over there and the sapphire doesnt have a vapor X cooler go for the XFX card and make sure you register it in 30 days to get the lifetime warranty.
  12. tbh

    I'd take the side panel off your Acer and have a quick look at the PSU label and see how many amps the 12v rail has.

    40a is recommended on the 12v rail for this card.
    Possibly could run on less - but as mentioned there in some uncertainty as to the quality of an unknown OEM 500w PSU
  13. Hunter: Ok, i will check out the XFX on its warranty. Thanks

    Pailin: Yea, thats why I decided to change the PSU, I dun want to risk it. I don't have
    that much money to burn, you know. LOL
  14. fair play.

    Have fun with your upgrade ~_^
  15. Thx, :D
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