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I must admit I am starting to lose my patience. I am trying to follow the overclocking guide here but I keep running into parts which do not seem relevant. I realise boards differ, but it says in the guide "other manufactures will likely have their own names for these settings. You're on your own to figure them out (shouldn't be that tough)". Maybe it's not that tough when you already know what you are doing but I don't! That is precisely why I am following a guide!

He goes on to say "dial in the manufacture’s specs for your specific memory". WHAT SETTINGS! I have downloaded the pdf from the manufacturers and it may as well be written in Japanese. The misleading description he gives on CPU RAM dividers left me searching through the bios looking for a RAM divider option. On Googling this and trawling through forums (ended up finding it on a different forum from TH) I discovered there isn't one. Also I can't find anything which appears to be comparable to PCI Clock Synchronization.

Due to all the differences in the descriptions given and my own bios setting, I am unable to complete any kind of checklist to make sure I am not just about to damage my machine.

This is my third post on the front page alone, and nobody has responded to my other two. Can someone please help me!!!???
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    For RAM look at the box the sticks came in or the website. It will tell you speed, and timings. For example DDR3 1600 MHz 9-9-9-24. Make sure it is the same in BIOS. It isn't possible for us to know what RAM you have unless you tell us. That is why the guide is so vague there.
  2. What are the specs for your entire system? To get help folks here will need that information. At a minimum, we need to know that make/model of your CPU, motherboard, memory, power supply, video card, case, and storage devices.

    Also, what version of Windows you are running (and whether 32 or 64 bit) would be useful.
  3. 1. Listing your MoBo Model and CPU would go a long way to getting ypu the help you seek.

    2. Listing your RAM Model specs .... as above .... i.e. "2 x 4GB DDR3-1600 w/ 9-9-9-12 timings". These items were on the sticker.

    3. Knowing what cooler you have will be relevant to any advice you get.

    4. Knowing what case you have and your PC's environment (ambient temp) will be relevant to any advice you get.
  4. wanderer11 and JackNaylorPE I have my specs listed on the thread named worth doing (now near top of list as COLgeek replied.
  5. COLGeek said:

    Thanks COLGeek I've already sent them a private message directing them to it :)
  6. Posted so others could find as well.
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