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Hi i want the best cooling I can get on my i5 3570k, I plan on overclocking it to get 4.5 ghz. I dont mind if it's expensive. I just want the best out there or maybe the second best option!! thanks :D
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  2. Link to the product pls :S
  3. Did you even read the sticky? Everything is explained there.
  4. What Muffin is trying to tell you is Watercooling is the way, unless you want to spend the extra time developing a Tec plate loop then regular W/c is the best option,
    Real W/c, not an allinone like the sealed corsair units, a pump, reservoir, tubing fittings and blocks,
    If you don't want to spend the time learning then W/c probably isn't for you,
    In the sticky there are some links for allinone coolers as well as regular W/c gear but only you can decide how much time/effort you are willing to put into this.
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  6. alright, thanks guys!!
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