VGA Upgrade?

OS : Windows XP Pro
CPU : Dual Core AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
MotherBoard : ASUS M2NPV-VM
MotherBoard Chipset : nVIDIA GeForce 6150 GPU; nVIDIA nForce 430 MCP
Memory : Corsair TwinX DDR2-800 2X512Mb
Monitor : SynMaster 933SN+; Max Res. 1360x768 @ 75Hz
PSU : Acbel 400Watt
HarDisk Drive : Seagate 80Gb S-ATA II; WD 320Gb S-ATA II; WD 500Gb S-ATA II
Optical Drive : BenQ DVD DC DW1800 P-ATA
Current VGA : ASUS EAX1650 Pro 256Mb GDDR3

I'm planning to upgrade my VGA card to the max without changing any other specs like PSU, monitor, etc., but not max enough that bottleneck the CPU Performance.
any suggetion? and some reason with it please.
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  1. Even a HD4670 may be bottlenecked by that CPU. A HD4650 might be a better choice, particularly as it would put even less strain on your questionable PSU. Most HD4650s are DDR2, but you want one with the faster DDR3. Biostar has one; I just installed it in my wife's PC this weekend and it was painless.
    You might also get some performance improvement by going to 2GB or even 4GB of RAM, but DDR2 is getting more expensive. It might make more sense to save for a new rig.
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    I would say probably a 5670 is your most powerful option

    A little cheaper (and Nvidia) would be a GT 240 DDR5

    Your PSU is a limiting factor here--primarily because its a off-brand and older. You might consider getting a better one that you use in your next computer as well.

  3. Jtt is probably right about the bottleneck. A 4670 might be a good cheaper alternative. I dont see how getting an overpowered card can really hurt through, as long as you choose one of the more energy efficient ones.
  4. Read my sig.

    The only thing I'd be more worried about than the VGA is the RAM amount. The only thing a bottleneck does is worsen the $/FPS ratio, that is, if you don't have a horrible bandwith problem (less than 2GB/s transfer from the CPU/RAM to the VGA)

  5. thanks, so overall, radeon 4670 is the best bet?
  6. I'd say yea-- at 1360x768 you dont need a card more powerful than that--and you dont want to sink more money into the aging rig than you have to.

    Make certain to get one with ddr3, but 512 mb ram on the card would be plenty--no reason to pay for more at 1360x768.

    This is the best deal ive seen recently:
  7. so how about HIS IceQ 4670 512Mb DDR3 VGA card? is it any good? or should i just take the shot with HIS 4770 512Mb DDR3 VGA Card? Thanks anyway.
  8. The 4770 is way better than the 4670 IMO, but keep in mind it requires extra power from your PSU.

  9. There is nothing wrong with it, but its one of the more expensive 4670s. You would be fine with a cheaper one that had 512 mb ddr3.

    If you can afford to pay more I would consider these higher-performing options instead: (see chart above to show they are better)

    9000GT - $69+$7 shipping:

    GT240 DDR5 - $80 + free shipping:
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