MSI Motherboard # P55GD-80 Sound Issues

Hello all,

I finally, after many many months decided on parts and biult a computer. All went together seemingly well and everything powered up without problem, SLI is working, Video is working, ...... everything is working except the sound.

When the sound is turned up to say ~25% it sounds great ... When it's at higher levels [like 40 - 100%] the sound, particularly soundtracks in games and Music files begin to cut out. The higher the volume the greater the breakup.

I opened the case to check things out and I'm wondering where some of the Cooler Master 690 II wires might be: Specifically the connectors what is called JFP2 as it is referred to in the Motherboard manual. This may have nothing to do with anything because the soune works fine at Low levels.

Do I need to install drivers? This is my first build so I am somewhat reluctant to enter the BIOS but I fear it will be necessary. I have read [on newegg] that sound issues come with the board ... Should I take that seriously and consider an RMA?

cooler master 690 II case
P55-GD80 MOtherbaord
4 gigs ripjaw
xfx 750w power
coolermaster 212
2 x gtx 460 in sli
lite-on cd/dvd
windows 7 home

The Case manual says "Be Sure To Buy a [compatible motherboard ... ] I seriously hope this is not the 'case' that I bought an incompatible mobo+case :sweat:

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Hi again, I know everyone was just frantic about my sitchiation .. but I have remedied the problem.

    On my head set I have something called "The Boosteroo" It is a device that boosts signals from dvd, blue ray, and other hardware connected to your TV in the absence of a receiver where the out put volume signal reaches a max at very low audible levels. While I did take out all of the components of the putter and put them back in... and while I still am not sure what the 'JFP2' connectors are for ..I now have a seemingly perfect build!

    Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah :bounce:

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